Friday, August 28, 2009

Nam Angels

This was a movie that I really enjoyed. I was casting with Dick Reyes,And I had a role. Archie Adamos and I were captured by the Cong. But Brad Johnson got away , and proceeds to put togather an Escape squad. There were no personell available at the time so hes forced to use a rabble group of Hells angels . Anyway eventually we are freed and spend the rest of the movie avoididing the Cong. My most memorable part of the film. Was when we come to a damaged bridge.We hook up a pulley and slide across the hole in the bridge.We had built a set which was a copy of the real bridge. But the set was only about 15 feet high. The real bridge was over 50 feet high.I pushed Cirio to let me do my own stunt on the real bridge. But he knew that I wasnt in good shape at the time(too much beer) so he refused and made me do the set bridge. Sure enough I couldnt hold the rope very long and I lost my grip and fell to the rocks below. I broke 3 ribs and had other injuries. I had a huge cut over my Eye that was bleeding profusly. Cirio was very worried and told me-- " Imagine if I had let you do the dtunt on the real bridge!!". Thats when I found out about the healing abilities of the Banana leaf. Bert, this is right up your alley!! One of the leading actors had been a medic in the navy and he knew how to stop the bleeding over my eye. He pulverized a piece of banana leaf and mixed it with a few drops of water. He put the paste on the cut and the bleeding stopped instantly. There is an anti cougulation chemical in the banana leaf. Also they wrapped some leafs around my ribs and the pain subsided and I was able to hobble away. After that movie I started going to the Gym and I still go today.

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