Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Im really happy to have had this oportunity to post some of my movie stories. For different reasons I will no longer post here. There is an abundance of blogs from this era in movie history.I met some old friends and made new ones. I dont want to get involved in competition and petty squables. I may change my mind if people ask me to keep posting. But until then Goodbye
Eric Hahn

Friday, September 18, 2009

the Luzon Earthquake 1990

The Luzon earthquake of 1990.Some called it the Baguio
Earthquake because it caused so much damage there. We
Were shooting Jo Mari,s film, Fist of Glory. We were in a
little town halfway between Manilla and Baguio city. We were
outside resting between takes. Robert Marius, Dale Cook
and Myself had just had a toke or two to pass the time. We
were sitting on a bench when it started shaking. Robert Jumped
up and shouted "EARTHQUAKE". I thought he was playing
around until I saw the building across the street collapsing. Then
all hell broke lose. Electric wires snapped . Cracks appeared
everywhere on the road. We had a hard time to stand up as the
ground was buckling. People were running and screaming.Many people
later told us they thought it was the end of the world. I tried to
reassure some people that it was just a quake and they would
be allright. But they were having none of that and kept screaming.
I dont remember all the details. But the 45 second quake seemed
like an hour. Everything was sureal and seemed like being in
a dream. I know we didnt shoot at that location for a while

Friday, September 11, 2009

911 Anniversary

I could believe it this morning when I turned on the news and there was something going on in washington. What a suprise --The coast guard was staging a security game. This is typical of the incompentance of the US government. I had hope that maybe Barak Obama would be different. I allways suspected that the president -any president,was only a puppet.Now Im sure. They all say the same thing but in different ways.Many people believe that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor ahead of time and let it happen so He would have a very good reason to enter a war most americans didnt want. Well, I believe that the "powers that be" and Bush knew about 911 and let it happen. Whenever someone says something like this they are labled as a crakpot or a wierdo conspiracy theorist. Maybe I also believe in Aliens,Bigfoot,and the lochness monster. Im not sure about those things , but I am sure that no planes were scrambled that day. I am sure that we have lost alot of our privacy rights. There are cameras everywhere. Retina scans , Satelite monitoring ,microchip implants,security chips in our passports are just a few of the post 911 technologies that have become part of our lives.Whats next ?I believe blogging is a temporary luxery they allow us.They are not afraid of what we say because most of us are crakpots that noone would take serious. They really think were stupid!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

back from vacation

I was out of town for a few days for a little rest.
Tomarrow I will post again.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Demonstone. What a film to work on!! Where do I begin.I was the stunt double for Jan Michael Vincent. Ned Hourani was the double for Lee ermey.Jan was a nice guy to work with when he didnt have a hangover. He was a good actor but was very much affected by his love of beer. A lot of beer. he even had a clause on his contract that said the production had to provide a case of non alchololic beer every day for him to drink or he would be allowed to drink his own alcholic beer. This happened a couple of times. I remember that the producer had a hard time as he had to import san miguel non alcholic beer from Saudi Arabia !!! Now Im not being critical of Jan. As I was an Alcholic for a couple of years there. San Miguel was good and cheap. I also had a pint or two of Rum daily. As a result Ned Hourani and me spent more time as doubles than The stars spent on their roles. not only did we do all the stunts, We did any other shots that didnt require dialog. It was fun . I remember one stunt where Ned and I fell out of a copter,through the roof of a sugar factory, on to a 70 foot high mountain of raw sugar and roll down the sugar full speed , and slaming into the floor. Sugar has a similar texture of sand. We were cut all over. We did this every day. I also had a small part as a copter pilot. What a fun film to work on

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nam Angels

This was a movie that I really enjoyed. I was casting with Dick Reyes,And I had a role. Archie Adamos and I were captured by the Cong. But Brad Johnson got away , and proceeds to put togather an Escape squad. There were no personell available at the time so hes forced to use a rabble group of Hells angels . Anyway eventually we are freed and spend the rest of the movie avoididing the Cong. My most memorable part of the film. Was when we come to a damaged bridge.We hook up a pulley and slide across the hole in the bridge.We had built a set which was a copy of the real bridge. But the set was only about 15 feet high. The real bridge was over 50 feet high.I pushed Cirio to let me do my own stunt on the real bridge. But he knew that I wasnt in good shape at the time(too much beer) so he refused and made me do the set bridge. Sure enough I couldnt hold the rope very long and I lost my grip and fell to the rocks below. I broke 3 ribs and had other injuries. I had a huge cut over my Eye that was bleeding profusly. Cirio was very worried and told me-- " Imagine if I had let you do the dtunt on the real bridge!!". Thats when I found out about the healing abilities of the Banana leaf. Bert, this is right up your alley!! One of the leading actors had been a medic in the navy and he knew how to stop the bleeding over my eye. He pulverized a piece of banana leaf and mixed it with a few drops of water. He put the paste on the cut and the bleeding stopped instantly. There is an anti cougulation chemical in the banana leaf. Also they wrapped some leafs around my ribs and the pain subsided and I was able to hobble away. After that movie I started going to the Gym and I still go today.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

POW The Escape

This was an exciting movie to work in. And David came very close to having a serious accident. We were shooting the end of the movie. Several choppers were landing and we would all get out and head for the base.David was allways in the first copter. We did several takes. Finally we did the last take. But this time unknown to David he was no longer in the first copter. We landed and David got out and looking down at his script or something he walked right toward the rear rotors of another copter. He had thought that he was still in the first one,he told us later. Several of us yelled to him to be carefull, But the rotor sound was deafening and he didnt hear us. Finally someone ran up to him and stopped him just feet away from the deadly rotors!! On the first day of shooting he came up to me at lunch and gave me a hug. And He asked me why was I there. He thought that I was his agent. I told him that I wasnt who he thought I was. He said never mind and invited me to eat with him.During the course of the film he told me alot of stories about his TV series "Kung Fu". He also admited that he didnt know any Kung Fu during the series but learned after the series. He really loved filipino rice wine. He was quite a character, on and off the camera