Friday, September 11, 2009

911 Anniversary

I could believe it this morning when I turned on the news and there was something going on in washington. What a suprise --The coast guard was staging a security game. This is typical of the incompentance of the US government. I had hope that maybe Barak Obama would be different. I allways suspected that the president -any president,was only a puppet.Now Im sure. They all say the same thing but in different ways.Many people believe that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor ahead of time and let it happen so He would have a very good reason to enter a war most americans didnt want. Well, I believe that the "powers that be" and Bush knew about 911 and let it happen. Whenever someone says something like this they are labled as a crakpot or a wierdo conspiracy theorist. Maybe I also believe in Aliens,Bigfoot,and the lochness monster. Im not sure about those things , but I am sure that no planes were scrambled that day. I am sure that we have lost alot of our privacy rights. There are cameras everywhere. Retina scans , Satelite monitoring ,microchip implants,security chips in our passports are just a few of the post 911 technologies that have become part of our lives.Whats next ?I believe blogging is a temporary luxery they allow us.They are not afraid of what we say because most of us are crakpots that noone would take serious. They really think were stupid!!!

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  1. I totaly agree with you. Many things in history didn't go the way we think. Such as Pearl Harbor where the American had been bullying the Japs BEFORE the attack !!! George W. only needed an excuse to fight his former friend Osama bin Laden. This whole thing was a family matter and pulled the rest of the world into another nasty war.