Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Im really happy to have had this oportunity to post some of my movie stories. For different reasons I will no longer post here. There is an abundance of blogs from this era in movie history.I met some old friends and made new ones. I dont want to get involved in competition and petty squables. I may change my mind if people ask me to keep posting. But until then Goodbye
Eric Hahn


  1. I understand your decision to stop posting Eric, I was about to quit myself and that's what I did right now. The fun is gone and so am I. Hope we still can chat once in a while, I wish you all the best.

  2. To both of you, Eric and Bert,
    In all endeavors in life there needs to be many voices. As one of those who was there, from 1976-1985 I knew both of you and treasure YOUR stories of the events from YOUR perspectives. Any event or incident is remembered by people in different ways and with perspectives that vary. Perfect example is the New Testament, bet you did not figure on this, there are FOUR GOSPELS that COMPLIMENT each other with each other yet give slightly different stories on Jesus Christ.

    I am asking both of you to reconsider and continue to share your stories for all to consider. Surely some of us, "Cadre de Guerilla Artistes" had more major parts, certainly more than I because I left early. Even as an extra, bit player, character role, supporting role, or starring role, etc. ALL the stories are valid and as long as we stay on target and try to be honest, giving credit to those who taught us and helped us.

    For the sake of many readers in the future, long after we are 'gone' let us put down our stories. Sure, we should make certain to fact-check with each other and make corrections, some have reminded me of the changes of titles for instance.

    Bottom line is this, WRITE YOUR Story!!!

  3. Hi Eric and Bert (and Don Gordon),
    We all have blogs where we write about Filipino film making but the difference between me and you guys is that I'm someone who didn't know you in the Philippines but have got to know ABOUT you thru watching the movies and reading your writings (and not least reading Nick Nicholson's blog). I've had some email contact with Bert (who is a northern European like myself) but obviously none of this is like knowing you personally. But when you are a fan of these highly entertaining low-budget films it's been great to read all your stories from "the old days". It's certainly different to how actors from most other countries' film circles handle their relationship with the people who admire their "products". I would be sorry to see you go but needless I respect your decisions. Bert, if it's not fun I believe the trick is to take a step back for a little while. Not to quit. Everything goes in circles and I'm sure you'd feel the fun again, the fun of writing your stores. Anyway, even if you do go ahead with quitting I hope you'll keep your blogs afloat and not delete them.

    best regards
    Jack J

  4. Jack J,
    I agree totally with you about taking a break, NOT to delete your posts. You owe yourself a time out but the reasons you quote simply do NOT merit your decision to just quit. In life every 'witness' to an event, whether like you Jack, as one who has watched the films, and You, Bert and Eric, who like only a few in this life...Have lived the dream, 'they're gonna put me in a movie'. By god if you delete I will use Wayback and find your blog and repost it, for the sake of Posterior er, Posterity. Take this time to review and make any changes you need, increase your FONT size for instance, update facts, modify things. Hey, ERIC we would like to know some things about YOU. Some stories about being a Clown. Blogs should tell us about who you ARE, not just what you did.
    Focus on a new direction or dual themes, multiple themes, are all possible. Think on these things and then when you are ready, Blog from you passionate heart and spirit. Tell us WHO ERIC HAHN IS!!!

  5. Eric, DO NOT STOP! I told you before to keep going and I meant it! I think Don said it best! Take a break or whatever, but DO NOT STOP! In Tagalog there is a saying, "Wag kang magsalita ng tapos", which means "never say that anything is finsihed" or, "never say never"!

  6. Just another thought,
    though we all have different memories and accounts of sometimes the same events, we perhaps should, for the sake of the record and to help each other, do something call "HyperLinking".

    Hell, I just figured out how to do it with "Windows LIVE Writer" program. It is a great tool for blogging straight from any website with hyperlinks (You know the writing like 'here' that actually is a link to some other website) You can put someone's name, like "koreanwarbaby" and link them to a story for THEIR perspective.

    That way folks can compare different perspectives and memories, CREDIT is Given to OTHERS. So, Eric TELL ME ABOUT BEING A CLOWN, that must be a difficult gig!!

  7. Hi Eric,

    Everyone else have echoed my thoughts, so please forgive me if I sound unoriginal, but PLEASE please keep writing. No-one should be competing with anyone else - you guys have ALL got fascinating tales to tell, and in different voices. This is the way history should be written! And please remember that interview offer is still on the table.

    OK, time to get down from the pulpit.

    Keep fighting, Brother Eric!

  8. hey eric hahn its geno from blood fist get a hold of me here my number 928 201 8747