Friday, September 18, 2009

the Luzon Earthquake 1990

The Luzon earthquake of 1990.Some called it the Baguio
Earthquake because it caused so much damage there. We
Were shooting Jo Mari,s film, Fist of Glory. We were in a
little town halfway between Manilla and Baguio city. We were
outside resting between takes. Robert Marius, Dale Cook
and Myself had just had a toke or two to pass the time. We
were sitting on a bench when it started shaking. Robert Jumped
up and shouted "EARTHQUAKE". I thought he was playing
around until I saw the building across the street collapsing. Then
all hell broke lose. Electric wires snapped . Cracks appeared
everywhere on the road. We had a hard time to stand up as the
ground was buckling. People were running and screaming.Many people
later told us they thought it was the end of the world. I tried to
reassure some people that it was just a quake and they would
be allright. But they were having none of that and kept screaming.
I dont remember all the details. But the 45 second quake seemed
like an hour. Everything was sureal and seemed like being in
a dream. I know we didnt shoot at that location for a while


  1. Were you around when the Pinatubo got mad ?

  2. I left the phillipines about 2 weeks before the big bang.

  3. Hi Eric,

    lots of movies we played together in the Philippines in the 80ties.How about a mail from you where the first person that casted me for a movie..ermita mid eighties, keep on blogging,there is many stories to tell..
    looking back to the best time we had in life in the 80ties.

    mark miller my mail: