Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Demonstone. What a film to work on!! Where do I begin.I was the stunt double for Jan Michael Vincent. Ned Hourani was the double for Lee ermey.Jan was a nice guy to work with when he didnt have a hangover. He was a good actor but was very much affected by his love of beer. A lot of beer. he even had a clause on his contract that said the production had to provide a case of non alchololic beer every day for him to drink or he would be allowed to drink his own alcholic beer. This happened a couple of times. I remember that the producer had a hard time as he had to import san miguel non alcholic beer from Saudi Arabia !!! Now Im not being critical of Jan. As I was an Alcholic for a couple of years there. San Miguel was good and cheap. I also had a pint or two of Rum daily. As a result Ned Hourani and me spent more time as doubles than The stars spent on their roles. not only did we do all the stunts, We did any other shots that didnt require dialog. It was fun . I remember one stunt where Ned and I fell out of a copter,through the roof of a sugar factory, on to a 70 foot high mountain of raw sugar and roll down the sugar full speed , and slaming into the floor. Sugar has a similar texture of sand. We were cut all over. We did this every day. I also had a small part as a copter pilot. What a fun film to work on

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