Wednesday, August 26, 2009

POW The Escape

This was an exciting movie to work in. And David came very close to having a serious accident. We were shooting the end of the movie. Several choppers were landing and we would all get out and head for the base.David was allways in the first copter. We did several takes. Finally we did the last take. But this time unknown to David he was no longer in the first copter. We landed and David got out and looking down at his script or something he walked right toward the rear rotors of another copter. He had thought that he was still in the first one,he told us later. Several of us yelled to him to be carefull, But the rotor sound was deafening and he didnt hear us. Finally someone ran up to him and stopped him just feet away from the deadly rotors!! On the first day of shooting he came up to me at lunch and gave me a hug. And He asked me why was I there. He thought that I was his agent. I told him that I wasnt who he thought I was. He said never mind and invited me to eat with him.During the course of the film he told me alot of stories about his TV series "Kung Fu". He also admited that he didnt know any Kung Fu during the series but learned after the series. He really loved filipino rice wine. He was quite a character, on and off the camera


  1. It's getting better and better Eric. Thrilling story...

  2. Eric,
    I would like to invite you to do a Guest Blogger thing, where I will post your writings say like this-"Who was Crazy Don". haha
    Really I would like to get some 'Crazy Don' stories for my blog and book. I could do the same for you, then both of our readers will enjoy the stories. LOL Great to have you blogging.

  3. Hey Don: Id love to but as Im new to blogging let me know how to do it. By the way- I was happy when you became a christian. I am one too. Im not a bible totting-church goer but I try to help feed the poor here in Mexico. Let me know how to do blog swap or whatever you call it