Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Delta force 2 Helicopter crash

Delta force was a fun movie, Even though I sat around on the set for 2 weeks once waiting to do a scene.It was nice getting paid to do nothing but I would rather work. As its boring and the time drags when your idle. Cirio would never have done that. If he ended up not needing you for a scene he would have still gotten his moneys worth out of you. Hed put you far in the background and have you running up and down hills all day while your getting blown up!!Ha!! In Delta force I got to work with Richard Jaekel (dirty Dozen) We were captured togather by the bad guys. We were Dea agents.Finally our scene came when we were to run up to the chopper with some Delta force guys after Chuck Norris breaks us out of captivity. Now earlier that day the maintainance man for the chopper told the Director AAron Norris that he didnt think the chopper should be used until he could calibrate the rotors or something. Well Aaron wasnt having any of that and made us use the chopper anyway.We shot many scenes of us running up and getting on and rising up. Aaron wanted to do another external shot But the director of photography said there wasnt enough light. So they set up for an internal dialog shot instead. That meant lights and some crew. The 2nd unit director told me that there wasnt enough room and that I and 2 other actors should get off and come back when they did another angle. So We had coffee and waited. We were shooting on a small mountain. The Chopper went up and we heard a noise like a pop.Then they went down the side of the mountain. We knew something was wrong. We ran over to the edge and looked down. the chopper had hit its rotor on the side of the mountain and was now spinning out of control.Then it crashed on the road below. We all ran down to try and help. The chopper was on fire. Ill never forget Ned Hourani standing on top of the burning chopper ripping off the door. WE were afraid the chopper was going to blow any time. But when we saw Ned up there unafraid It sparked us all into action. We pulled several bodies out I think there was 3-4 dead and several survivors all seriously burned and wounded. The next day the production was shut down .And we went on to other projects. I remember a week later I was in a chopper again on a Teddy chu film . I was scarred for about 10 minutes.Ha!!


  1. We were counting some 30 Delta force soldiers, trained and ready to board 3 Sykorski heli's. Since there had been an accident earlier on a Chuck Noriis movie, we couldn't get these choppers. Have of the guys were sent home, I was still there ! Not even ONE sykorski was available. So it was decided to use an old Dauphin heli, it didn't fly for a long time.
    It was such a tiny thing it only could carry 6 persons or something. The Delta' s were minimized again and I was sent home,grumbling. .....the chopper crashed. For me it was the second time being close to such a crash, but I wasn't as close as you Eric.

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