Monday, August 10, 2009

Im finally here

Thank you bert for helping me to finaly get this blog going. Like Bert and Nick I have alot of storis to talk about. Doing movies in the Phillipines was like no other experience I ever had. to play little boy games and get paid for it!! One story Ill never forget eas when I allmost died in A helecoptor crash during Delta force 2........


  1. There you go Eric, at last. Hope there's a lot more to come...

  2. Good to see you got something going! Looking good!

  3. Eric, welcome! Look forward to hearing your stories - shame about the photos, but at least the movies will always be there. Cheers from Brisbane, Australia: Andrew

  4. Andrew: thanks for writing. I really would like to chat with you sometime. I really enjoy your work.Eric

  5. Hello Eric.
    My name's Jack and I'm a big fan of these 1980s action and war flicks from the Philippines. I have a blog where I write about some of them:

    PS: Oh, and Bert kept asking me to give him tips on how you could put up your blog. LOL. Anyway, I look forward to hear some stories from your days in Filipino film making.
    Best regards
    Jack J

  6. Hello Jack; Thanks for writing.I like your web site. Write me anytime

  7. Hi Eric,
    Thank you for your kind words. And I may just take you up on your offer. :-)