Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye Mike

This is a photo of Mike Monty and Me in "Tough Cop" .I had the priveledge of
working with Mike in a dozen or so films. I also got to know him as a friend. Mike
was a large part of the movie experience in the Phillipines. He died in Italy, A country
that he loved alot. I loved Italy too as My Family has its roots there. I taked several
times to Mike over the years, But I never got to say goodbye to him. So Im doing
it here.

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  1. Eric,
    It is Crazy Don, Don Gordon Bell, I remember you well and remember you were from Mexico with Italian heritage as well. I have found out that we are cousins, My Birth father was of Apache/Mexican/Spanish heritage. Welcome to blogging, come to my facebook account as well as Nick and Henry. You can copy some of our photos. I am glad you are blogging and will be in touch. Bert and I are always chatting.
    I am now in South Korea but will visit in November in Philippines.