Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drug violence in my home, Reynosa,Mexico

This is My adopted home in northern Mexico on the US border.Reynosa is its name.Usually its a peacfull place with little crime. But on a day earlier this year I felt like I was in a movie again. I was doing a little shopping and was crossing a main highway when several truckloads of fMexican federal police were suddenly all around me. They motioned for me to start running which I quickly did. Then agunfight ensued. And grenades were throwned . My car was only about
30 meters away from all the action.I took off. I spent the next several hours
trying to get home. Intersections were blocked by cars and busses. Drug
cartel soldiers were coming up to people in their cars and odering them at gunpoint
to get out of their cars and start running. There was chaos everywhere --cars
were driving on the wrong side. Phone service was off. I finally managed to
drive over some dirt roads around the main roads and eventually made my
way home. I hope never to go through that experience again. But Im sure
I will.


  1. How about when they spot you with a joint ??

  2. One of the many good things about mexico is that you can pay off the police for petty crimes.A joint would cost you abot 20 dollars.

  3. OK, in the states you might have to 'do' some years.